/site/user-assets/docs/open-photography-2017.pdfThe 2017 Glencore Singleton Show Schedule is now available.

ASC Waivers

Instructions for Competitors and Entrants

ASC Waivers for Events Involving Animals

*PIC Numbers MUST be provided on ASC Waiver Forms.  Please contact your Local Land Service (LLS) Office to obtain or find out your PIC Number.


Individuals - Animal Handler Waiver (not including horses)

Individuals - Horse Waiver

Groups and Bulk Entrants - Animal Handler Waiver

ASC Waivers for Events NOT Involving Animals

Individual - General Particpant Waiver

Groups and Bulk Entrants - General Particpant Waiver





Animal and Livestock


Cooking, Handcraft, Horticulture & Woodwork

The Cooking, Handcraft, Horticulture and Woodwork Schedule includes:

Photography & Fine Arts



Showground Map